Work now, win later: Summer workout sessions prove beneficial to athletes

Ellen Martinson

Austin Schafer, 11 practices during summer conditioning for Boys Varsity Soccer.
Austin Schafer, 11 practices during summer conditioning for Boys Varsity Soccer.

While most students were strolling along the beach or sleeping in during the summer months, many SHS athletes were hard at work conditioning for fall sports. They hope that the tedious hours will pay off this season.

Long summer vacations have become a rarity for conditioning athletes. Most have dedicated their summers to training in the heat to improve.
“Besides weekends, I ran almost every day this summer. For cross country we met as a group to train. It built up my endurance so we’re better prepared for the season,” said Julia Temple, 11.

Starting the first week of June, cross country runners met every weekday to condition and run workouts. Endurance is built up over a long period of time, so those who ran over the summer have an advantage.

The running conditioning sessions also helped the team learn about each other and bond. The new freshmen were introduced to the program and fellow runners, helping them make the transition to high school.

“Since I ran every day I know my team mates pretty well now. On the first day of school I’ll have an upperclassmen to wave to in the hallway,” said Kamaria Walton, 9.
Besides cross country, every other sport met during the summer daily to work on the skills that will help them thrive during the season.

“My summer was basically dedicated to football, but I didn’t mind. If it helps our team improve then I think it’s worth it,” said Rachel Cogen, 9.
The football team works on agility, strength, endurance, stamina, and playing smart during the summer. They must master the plays in practice and conditioning before the real games begin.

Obviously, athletes who worked over the summer to improve will likely have an advantage as the season commences. After all of the long hours in the heat, a game in the fall weather will not seem that bad.