Local job opportunities arise

Carly Lefton, 12, serves as a 2013 JCC summer camp counselor. Working as a counselor is just one option students should consider when planning for their summer. Photo Courtesy of Abby Solomon.

Although the snow continues to fall, it is time for students to begin looking for summer work. Before deciding what job fits the individual best, it is important to prioritize what each individual hopes to gain from their summer experience.

For students like Brennon Shanks, 11, summer is a time to tune skills in a specific realm of studies.

“I will be working in a research lab and I hope that I will gain further experience in the field of biotechnology,” said Shanks.

Students who are undecided on their future career may benefit from a job as a summer camp counselor. To find out about a summer camp counselor job at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) click here.

“You get to be outside and active, work with your peers, and impact the lives of hundreds of children. You have the opportunity to gain valuable work and life experiences which future employers find valuable,” said Abby Solomon, JCC Teen Coordinator.

Another local option for students interested in a camp counselor experience is Gorman Heritage Farm. To apply for a position at the farm, visit their website.