Stepping out for voiceless

Bernstein is talking to members of Stepping Out Club. He is a blind lawyer who fights for rights for disabled citizens. He believes denying the same rights for the disabled are the same as segregation. Photo courtesy of Lauren Kurtzer.

Blind attorney Richard Bernstein defines the odds that people with disabilities can’t do what “normal people” can do. On Tuesday, Feb. 25, Stepping Out Club met, enjoyed food then Bernstein had a Q&A for the duration of the meeting.

“The worst thing you can do to humans is to separate and prejudge them,” said Bernstein.

Richard Bernstein:

  • Advocates for disabled and voice for voiceless
  • Is blind since birth
  • Graduate of University of Michigan and Northwestern School of Law
  • Landmark settlements against Delta and Detroit Metro Airport
  • Fought State of Michigan to keep funding for special education
  • Represented Paralyzed Veterans of America and disabled residents against Oakland County, Michigan
  • Federal suit against American Bar Association and New York City
  •  Completed 18 marathons and Ironmans
  • Co-hosts one-hour legal radio show “Fighting for Justice”
  • Many accolades throughout Detroit, Michigan and nationally

“He has such great accomplishments and an incredible story. I really hope he inspired all members,” said Ms. Lindsay Schroeder, club advisor.

Bernstein told the members that anything is possible no matter what setbacks you have . He expressed the importance of being active and how helpful it is to him.

“He really opened my eyes knowing that I can do anything,” said Sammy Chacksfield, 9.