Q&A with Shazia Malik, 11, about Red Cross Club

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Red Cross Club was formed in late November. It is a club focused on helping other organizations around the community. Founders Shazia and Kashif Malik, both 11, created the club to get students involved in their communities and volunteer ion their free time. Photo by Taylor Evans.

A: People should join because it not only benefits them, but they can also give back to the community.  It’s a very hands-on kind of club because we plan to have projects like the sandwich making and CPR training.

Q: Who does this club help?

A: We not only help our local Red Cross with their annual events but we will also strive to help our community and those who need our help.

Q: What did you discuss during your last meeting?

A: We talked about an event that we are planning to do with NHS which would be making sandwiches.  Something similar to what we did at the Junior High.

Q: When will it be?

A: we are thinking about April 15, but the date will be set after we get more details figured out.

Q: Are there any other events you’re planning to do?

A: We are hoping to have a CPR training class soon.  It would be after school.  Again, we are still looking into the details for it, but we definitely want to do it before we do the sandwich project.

Q: How is Red Cross Club different from other groups at school?

A: The club is different because it brings students together to help their own community for a larger purpose and it allows students to obtain skills that they can use throughout their life.

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