South Park debuts with a new video

S.P. stick of truth
South Park: The Stick of Truth is an action and adventure videogame. The game is a role playing game (RPG) which means the player can explore the realm of South Park freely. Video gamers can buy the game at your local GameStop.

The recently released game was supposed to be a really bad game. Many reviews and critics say that they were shocked on how good the game was. In the game you have many weapons to choose from and you can also free-roam, meaning that the players do not have to follow up with the campaign.

The game is about a new kid showing up to the town of South Park and his parents want him to make friends. The new kid hangs with Cartman and his crew and they all play a fantasy game called “The Stick of Truth”.

“This game seems ridiculously outrageous,” said Max Brown, 10.

The video game is just like the T.V. show, with crude humor and with some satire. The campaign is around eight hours long that is actually very short compared to some videos games that have campaigns that last up to three days long.

“This seems like a fun game that ties in with the TV series, I will definitely give this game a try,” said Brendan Burkt, 10.

The platform available is for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. You can buy it today for $59.99 at your local GameStop or Best Buy. The score of South Park: The Stick of Truth got 3.5 out of four rating.

“I hope I can get this fantastic video game, right when I get home today,” said Parker Carnes, 10.