Q&A with Abby Belcher, 11, about Fashion for the Cure

This is Abby Belcher, 11, walking with Daniel Chiodo, 11. (Insert rest of caption) Thanks! Sarah
Abby Belcher, 11, walked down the runway with Daniel Chiodo, 11. Styles for this year’s show included a casual outfit, dress outfit, and semiformal outfit. Photo courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography.

Q: What is Fashion for the Cure?

A: Fashion for the Cure (FTTC) is a charity event that is supporting the Dragonfly Foundation this year.  It’s a really good cause and the money raised is going toward helping kids with cancer.

Q: How are models for the event selected?

A: People on the FCCT committee choose models to participate in the show, but people can also request to be a part of the event.

Q: What is the fitting/preparation process?

A: The committee heads, two to three seniors, give models times and places to get fitted.  They meet us there to oversee that everything is fitting well and looks right.  That normally happens about two weeks before the actual event, but mine was late, so I had it this past Monday and Tuesday.

Q: Is this your first year being part of the event?

A: Yes, this is my first year in the event and I’m really excited.  Generally people only get to be in it once so that others have the opportunity to be in it too.

Q: Would you encourage others to participate next year?

A: I definitely think people should try to get involved next year.  It’s a great experience and it’s for a great cause that touches us all in some way.