Parcc Testing: the new OGT?

Madeline Marsh

Along with homework, will teachers have to review with students even more for the Parccs tests? Teachers were already reviewing for the Ohio Graduation test, and the new test is to be more challenging. However, any changes to the test will affect only incoming freshman. Whatever the test was your freshman year is the test you shall take sophomore year. Photo Courtesy of: Maddie Marsh

Is it good news or bad news? Ohio Graduation Testing is on its way out. In its place comes the Parcc Testing.

Parcc Testing is completely online and is supposedly tougher than the current OGT testing. To try out this new Parcc testing, random classes from the sophomore and freshman level were chosen March 25 to take a portion of the Parcc Test.

“[Parcc testing] wasn’t really anything we had been studying this year, and the test kept not working. I was able to finish, but some people needed extended time. I took the math portion [of the test],” said Emma Steward, 10.

Computer glitches have certainly been a problem for SHS in the past. It does not seem to be the best idea to move the Ohio graduation testing to a computer.

“It was a hard math test. It seemed to me dull, pointless, and long. I experienced no computer glitches though,” said Katelyn Young, 10.

Although students seem to dislike the test, it seems future students may have to accept it. The plan at this time is to make Parcc Testing the new OGT. Visit PARCC for more information.