Happening Hairstyles

   Happy autumn fashion-forward followers! It’s clear that the perfect clothing match to chilly weather and seasonal celebrations is something that keeps us warm, cozy, and the icon of fall fashion – but what exactly is the perfect match when it comes to hairstyles?
   Braids. Wavy hair.
    Forget any twisted myths about braids. They are weaving into our lives as teen girls discover new and creative ways to showcase their hair with something as simple as a braid.
   One type of braid that would match perfectly with a fall physique is the traditional fishtail braid. It is a simple way to pull back any irritating hairs while still having a composed, trendy look.


   There’s no reason to be intimidated by this advanced-looking braid…it really is as simple has brushing your hair.
   Here are the steps to a fabulous looking braid that’ll match any type of outfit, casual or elegant:
   Step One. Divide your hair into two large, equal sections, parting it right down the middle. Okay?
   Step Two. Pull a thin strand of hair from the outside of the left section, and grasp it under the right section. Are  you still with us?



   Step Three. Repeat on the right side…then the left again…then the right…and keep it going until you’re out of  hair! Not too hard right? It’s an easy way to stay looking fresh, fashionable, and fall-tastic.
   Other types of braids that’ll rock just as much as fishtail braids are regular braids, French braids, and headband  braids…but those might be for the more advanced braiders, but there’s no reason to not try!
    Not about the braid life? How about some wavy hair? Wavy hair might sound like a struggle to create or maintain, but there’s nothing to it. There are simple, different, and creative ways to produce a natural wavy look.
  The big trend right now is not traditional, perfect hair waves, but beachy, mermaid-looking hair waves.
  How do you create this look? Ironically, the best way involves…braids!


  A simple, traditional braid that’s put in overnight will create a close look to actual wavy, natural hair. For a different variety of wavy hair,
 try braiding your hair in a French braid, pigtail braids, or even a fishtail.
   Hair can be a struggle sometimes, especially in the winter when it becomes too cold to even think about making it look good. Simply put it in a braid or create your own beachy hair, bringing some summer into the upcoming winter months.
And remember: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe
Sycamore Style Guide signing off…
Yours Truly