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   24/7, every month, every year, through every season, with every fashion trend and passing by every decade of style a girl always has these companions with her no matter where she is, where she is going are what she is doing. They are with her day and night helping her through any mood she transitions through. Who are these mystery friends you wonder? Look no further for they are right in front of you. Literally, they are. For these acquaintances are the nails!

   Whether you realize it or not the nails can say everything about a girl. Color choices are crucial. Everyone has their own preference, but let us help guide you to your most fashionable preference concerning nail color.
   Start with the season. Given that it is autumn your nail color is impacted. More than you think. The top nail trends for this fall are nail noir, electric colors, metallic manias, and the neutrals.
   I. Nail noir– black is always in but shades that are slightly off of black are even more in for this fall.  Look for dark shades and moody hues, such as midnight hues, emerald greens, and dusky purples. As an additional tip, dark nails tend to look better slightly longer just past the fingertip and perhaps in an oval shape.

· Color examples: Midnight Blue (top), Amethyst (middle) and Emerald green (bottom)


   II. Electric colors– bright yellows, stunning pinks and acidic oranges. These colors help lighten the heaviness of autumn and can introduce everyone to the side of fall that is standing back up a shining with confidence. Shock your friends with flashy, electric nails.
·Color examples: Poppy (top) , Fiery Orange (mid-top), Chartreuse (mid-bottom), and Cobalt and Ultraviolet (far bottom).
    III. Majestic Metallic– what makes metallic colors so irresistible? Never mind the fact that they match nearly everything, but lets remind ourselves of its quality to dazzle the eye with its endless varieties of hues and shades. Its mysteriousness can draw in even the most outdated eyes.
· Color examples: Shade-shifters (top) and heavy metal (bottom)
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   IV. The Neutrals– the nudes, the naturals and the neutrals stand out during the fall season. They have a magical way of giving the fingers a sleek and slender look, which are extremely desirable. A warm buff, soft grays and taupe colors are a classy and beautifully naked way of flaunting the nails.
· Color examples: Warm (top) and cool (bottom)
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   Now that you’ve been educated on the latest trends in nails, you make the decision on what works for you and what you like the most.
And remember: “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” –Audrey Hepburn
Sycamore Style Guide signing off…
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