Tornado season approaching fast

The funnel cloud is the first indicator of a tornado. As soon as one spotted go to the lowest level of shelter. Also if the sirens go off then be sure to go to the basement.

With severe weather right around the corner tornado threat is looming.   The way tornados form is a very intricate process.

Air Rotates Because of Wind Shear.
How the column of air begins to rotate one way the rotation appears to happen is when winds at two different altitudes blow at two different speeds creating wind shear.. This causes a horizontal rotating column of air.

Faster Spin Makes a Funnel Cloud.
If this column gets caught in a super cell updraft, the updraft tightens the spin and it speeds up. A funnel cloud is created.

The Funnel Rotates and Touches Down.
The rain and hail in the thunderstorm cause the funnel to touch down creating a tornado.

“Tornados are unpredictable so they scare me,” said Michelle Sidique ,9.

There are however many ways to protect you self from tornados. There are several important procedures.

  • Go to the basement or lowest level
  • Have water and food stored in your safe location
  • Have a weather radio handy
  • Have a mattress or cushion over your head

“ I lived in Kansas and never saw a tornado so I think there rare,” said Priya Malla,9.

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