French club celebrates traditional Valentine’s Day

valentines day
Decorative cards were set out for students to write handmade valentines. They addressed them to a variety of family and friends. Along with valentines, students enjoyed chocolate treats that fellow students brought in. Photo courtesy of Ellen Martinson

As the romantic language, French is known for its Valentine’s Day traditions. French club students immersed themselves in French culture as they held a chocolate-themed party and wrote traditional French valentines.

The majority of students brought in a chocolate item to share.  A buffet was set up and students ate classic French chocolate treats such as mousse and madeleine’s.

“I enjoyed the Madeleine’s the most. I had never tasted them before, and I probably never would if it weren’t for this meeting,” said Hannah Brown, 11.

Along with enjoying tasty treats, students wrote valentines for their friends and families. Club officers printed out traditional French love sayings, and students were able to write handmade valentines in the French language.

“I wrote one for all of the AP girls who couldn’t come to the meeting. They were all really cheesy with romantic love sayings, but they definitely enjoyed them,” said Brown.

The sayings included those such as “you are the light of my life” and “you have all my heart”.

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