Ugly Christmas Sweaters

   As some of you fashion gurus, and even you holiday connoisseurs, may know a very unlikely article of clothing has made its way to the top for this holiday season!  What is it you ask? Well it is, surprisingly, the Christmas sweater. More specifically…the uglyChristmas sweater.
  In more recent years, “Ugly Christmas Sweater” parties have been popping up more and more. Why? The answer is rather unclear, however, we can only assume that it’s because the spirit of the holidays can often times get the best of us.
      For those who are unsure of what an “ugly Christmas sweater” really is Sycamore Style Guide is here to educate you!
      Criteria for a perfectly ugly Christmas sweater:
 1.  BOLD and PROMINENT colors that relate to Christmas: red, black, white, and green.

christmas 1

2. Overwhelming, and obnoxiously large icons like: a snowman, a Christmas tree, a snowflake, presents, etc.

christmas 2
3.   Last but not least… a wonderful, yet completely unnecessary repetition of the same icon. For example: candy canes, stockings, gift boxes, etc.
christmas 3
   It is as simple as that! You are now highly educated on what makes a Christmas sweater, an ugly Christmas sweater. Remember, if you are wearing a sweater like this chances are you are not alone.
   So if you dare to put one on, make sure to wear it with confidence! And of course, ‘tis the season! Feel proud to represent the holiday season with such a wonderful sweater.
And remember: “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different,” –Coco Chanel
Sycamore Style Guide signing off….
Yours truly,