Snow day superstitions

Students all over SHS find different superstitions that they believe can cause snow days. Some of these superstitions are believed to be in use for years. Photo courtesy of MCT Photo.

The wooden spoon symbolizes the trees on the earth and nature.

We put the spoon under the pillow to convey a shade or clouds over nature, the spoon.

The shade over nature creates cold air and then ice in the sky.

The ice in the sky accumulates and creates a snow cloud.

The snow cloud in the sky causes a snow storm and then a snow day.

“I am not sure if this is real, it sounds kind of ridiculous. Are there people that really believe this?” said Drew Schneider, 9.

Ice cubes flushed down the toilet

The ice cubes symbolize the sun, because we flush the ice cubes down the toilet to show that the heat is going away.

When the sun feels the energy of the flush of ice cubes, the sun shines a little less bright than usual.

The ice cubes that were flushed in the toilet can be found in the sewer.

The ice cubes float up in the sky when everyone is asleep and create a snow cloud.

The snow cloud creates a snow storm and then a snow day.

“This might be true, but it is probably not. It might work though, it’s worth a try,” said Max Weiss, 10.

Colorful sock on the right foot

When you are wearing colorful socks you are a happier person.

When you are a happier person the snow people in the sky see you.

If there are happier people in the world the snow people are happy.

When the snow people are happy they create more snow.

After the snow is created by the snow people they throw it down to the ground.

If the snow people are very happy there will be more snow and then eventually a snow day.

“I do not think snow people exist, but if they did they would probably like a colored sock.” said Jacob Spiegel, 9.