Garden club members get hands dirty

16 people attended the Annual Seed Planting Day on Apr. 23. Garden Club members considered it a great success in the club’s history.

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Michael Choi and Yuan Zhang, both 11, plant cucumber seeds. 16 people attended Garden Club’s Annual Seed Planting Day on Apr. 23. In a few months the seeds will have transformed into full grown plants yielding herbs, fruits, and vegetables that will be delivered to the Blue Ash Cancer Support Center. Photo Courtesy of Katie Steinberg.

“I have a vegetable garden at home but it’s cool to see other kids who don’t, or who just enjoy gardening, planting through a school club,” said Sneha Rajagopal, 11.

List of seeds planted:

  • Sugar Ann Snap Pea
  • Masai Bush Haricots Verts
  • Shintokiwa Cucumber
  • Flashy Green Butter Oak Lettuce
  • Gigante dItalia Parsley
  • Revolution Sweet Pepper
  • Juliet Tomato
  • Sweet Basil

   “Living in such a fast-changing world, I believe some activities can build your peace of mind, such as gardening and bird-watching.  Gardening can create an environment where a person can be himself and have positive interactions with others.  I love the idea of Garden Club, planting veggies and providing them to cancer patients,” said Ning Zhang, Mandarin Chinese teacher.

Students unfamiliar with gardening were also welcome to participate.

   “I thought it was really fun even though I am not an experienced gardener. I went because it was for a good cause; I enjoy helping people and being outside. At the same time, we were helping the environment right in time for Earth Day, so it was a win-win ,” said Rosie Hou, 10.

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