Appreciating our mothers: gift ideas for Mother’s Day

MD card
Cards are another easy way to show your mother you love her. Find a funny card at Target or Hallmark, or a heartfelt one in which you can write a nice note. Mother’s Day cards can be found almost anywhere for less than $2. Image by Emily Tyler.

As a high school student, it is hard to remember holidays that do not always affect us. Between homework, music, and extracurricular activities, I had completely forgotten that Mother’s Day is on Sunday.

It is hard to figure out what mothers want sometimes, and maybe we think that they only want things that we cannot afford. So, here are some gift ideas for under $30 that you can make.

A DIY gift shows that you love and care about her, a feeling that is sometimes masked by our “cool” demeanor and busy lives.

  • Sugar scrub for hands and feet: This can be made from things mostly found around the home, like sugar and coconut oil. In craft stores, you can find a variety of fragrances in      the aisle with candle making supplies, but some popular scents are lemon or lavender.

My mom made a jar of these for my aunt and great grandmother for Christmas, and they really enjoyed them.

  • Up-cycled jewelry: Jewelry is a popular Mother’s Day present, and this is a way to give your mom jewelry without spending a ton of money.

Aluminum cans are easy enough to find, but if you are not a semi-experienced crafter, this idea may be difficult for you to make to your satisfaction.

  • Then and now picture frame: In a long rectangular frame, place a picture of you and your siblings or you and your mom several years ago. Next to it, place a recent picture of   the same group of people.

Feel free to be creative. Recreate the first photo using the same poses and facial expressions. Use silly pictures. Play around with the color the paper you use to mat the pictures, if you wish.

My grandmother gave a then-and-now frame to my mom for Christmas, and I thought the layout and ideas were very interesting. My tip is to not use pictures taken at the last minute, though,

  • Tile coasters: These are a great way to show that you respect your mother’s wish to keep the tables free of drink stains. It is easy to take creative liberties, as you can use any scrapbook paper or fabric you want.

Scrapbook paper can be as cheap as ₵69. Fabric is a little more expensive, but also more durable. These tiles are easy to make, and very inexpensive.

Although these gifts are pleasing for moms and fun to make, remember to appreciate your   mother on the day dedicated to her.