Tips for taking Scantron tests

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    Multiple choice tests could be a relief for some. If you do not know the answer, you can just guess and you have about a 25 percent chance of getting the answer right. For some, they could dread the confusing Scantron, where it seems as though two of the choices are right. With these tips and tricks, Scantron tests can become more approachable. Photo Courtesy of Maddie Marsh.
    Identify what is being asked and predict the correct answer based on understanding. Compare the answer to the other available choices, and understand what you need to know in order to best answer the question.
  • Do not psych yourself out.
  • Look over the test and use your time accordingly.
  • Try to take some short breaks.
  • Go back to a hard question. Especially on a timed test, do not waste several minutes on one question. Staring at the test in consternation and fear for several minutes will not help you.
  • Always put an answer. A wrong answer is better than no answer. If you do not answer the question, it is definitely wrong; if you do answer the question, there is a chance you could get it right.
  • Watch out for exceptions to generalizations.
  • When stuck between two answers, see if they each answer the whole question. If this does not work, then try imagining each one as the correct answer.  If you ‘feel’ one is correct, go with it. Sometimes your ‘feeling’ will stand you in good stead when your knowledge and recall fails.

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