End of year grind; students must fight through final school weeks

Elijah Zawatsky

AP test be done
After the conclusion of AP exams, it is very tempting for students to shut down in preparation for summer. But students need to try and resist this urge. If they do not, they may find their grades slipping. Photo courtesy of Eli Zawatsky

There is a point toward the end of the school year where everyone catches ‘summer fever’. For some, it might be the day after school lets out. For others, it might be 4 weeks before finals. Either way, this condition can best be described as relaxation mode.

For students taking AP exams, ‘summer fever’ often strikes after they are let out of the Gregory Center after that last exam. And for the most part, in those AP classes, that’s okay. Teachers will give students fun projects as a break from a year of intense studying.

For example, in AP BC Calculus, the end of the year project requires students to create a children’s book explaining calculus to a curious student.

However, in other, non AP classes, this ‘summer fever’ can be detrimental to grades. These classes run full force until the end of year exams, and these exams occur 2-3 weeks after AP exams.

So, SHS students, try to repress that ‘summer fever’, that nagging ache to go to sleep at 6 p.m., that urge to not do any homework. Keep on trudging through these next few weeks. Your grades may depend on it.