Softball advances in tournament

“We worked really hard to get to this moment, and the hard work definitely paid off,” said Hannah Melvin, 12.

Kelly Borman, 12, fields a grounder during the Amelia game. The team won 6-5 in a close win. Next, the players will travel to Harrison to battle for a sectional championship. Photo Courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography.

The Varsity softball team is sliding into the State tournament as they beat Amelia 6-5 in their first postseason win. The last time the team advanced past the first round was when the seniors were freshmen.

In previous years, the team has received a poor seed due to a bad record in the regular season. Therefore, it has always been difficult to move past the first round in the tournament.

“Beating Amelia was a big first step,” said Melvin.

Next, the 13 players will travel to Harrison for a chance to win sectionals. In 2012, the team was eliminated from the tournament after losing to Harrison.

“It’s personal because we already lost to them, and I don’t want that to happen again,” said Melvin.

For the Seniors, this is their last opportunity to play as an Aviator. Once the team loses one game, they are eliminated.

“I don’t want this to be my last game,” said Melvin.

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