Preview next autumn’s random happenings

Fall may seem far off, but many events require advanced planning. For teachers, this means considering the new methods of teacher evaluation in Ohio. Students and teachers alike should consider attending an evening with Ira Glass or an environmental rally in New York City. Image by Lila Englander.

   Ira Glass will visit the Aranoff Center on Oct. 25 at 8:00 p.m. for a talk about “reinventing radio.” Glass hosts a radio show on NPR called This American Life that produces a one hour-long episode each week. To read about an event Glass spoke at, visit

Environmental activist Bill McKibben invites all who give a damn” to join him in New York City on Sept. 20 for the “largest demonstration yet of human resolve in the face of climate change.” To read about one of many environmental events at SHS, visit

Ohio will implement the new teacher evaluation system. The new plan intends to increase reliance on the role of student test scores in teacher evaluations.

Teachers will receive one of four possible grades: accomplished, skilled, developing, and ineffective.

Only top-rated teachers will be exempt from annual evaluation. Each district’s board of education must decide how teacher’s evaluations will be used to determine promotions and terminations.