Pre-Europe fashion stereotypes

When it comes to fashion, it is said that Europe is the homeland of any new and electrifying trends. Considering that London, Paris and Milan are the fashion capitals of the world, it makes sense to assume that Europe knows what’s what about fashion.

With this in mind, Sycamore Style Guide will be taking an adventure in just a few short days. We are headed across the big lake and traveling across various European countries. From London to Paris and Rome to Florence we will be observing the fashion throughout the continent.

Before we leave, however, we wish to attempt an experiment of sorts. What is our goal? To determine whether the following ‘European fashion stereotypes’ are true. Based on the next five stereotypes, we will take on Europe and compare fashion trends with what we think and what truly is. 

Common European Fashion Stereotypes:

1. The cliché black and white striped shirt

image 1

2. Europeans do not wear jeans

3. Red lipstick for all occasions


 4. Perfume and yes, cigarettes


5. Berets, berets, berets!

After our 10 day long adventure across Europe, we will report back on what kind of fashion really can be expected when traveling across the European countries.

And remember: “Fashion is an imposition, a reign of freedom.” – Golda Meir

Sycamore Style Guide signing off…

Yours truly,