Students plan for summer

Anna Zhou

As the school year nears an end, students are beginning to make plans for summer vacation. For some finding things to do can be a challenge. There are many fun things to do during the summer right here in Cincinnati. Photo courtesy of Anna Zhou

Fourth quarter is drawing to a close. Many students (even freshmen) have a bad case of ‘senioritis’. With less than 20 days of school left, many students are making plans for summer break.

“During the summer, I like to go horseback riding and swimming. I like to read books and just chill until it is time to get my game back on for school the next year,” said Katherine Dunn, 11.

For some students, however, finding things to do for almost three months can be quite a challenge. For those students, here are some ideas for how to stay entertained in the summer.

One thing that never fails is a good movie with a group of friends. There are many highly anticipated movies that are going to premiere this summer. Some of the most anticipated movies include Jurassic World, Inside Out, and Ant-Man.

Another way to have fun during summer break is going to a summer camp. There are many summer camps near Cincinnati including Camp Kern and Camp Ernst. Most summer camps range anywhere from one week to eight weeks.

“I love Camp Kern. It is like my second home. I met my closest friends there. Going there makes me really happy. I would recommend it to anyone,” said Alexis Hagenmaier, 11.

Of course, there are also many things to do that do not require any preplanning. It is always a good idea to enjoy the warm weather by going swimming, playing a sport, or trying something new.