Yoga helps students reduce stress

Anna Zhou, Executive Managing Editor

With the academic pressure and stress that comes with being a high school student, students often find ways to relax. One method is yoga. Photo courtesy of MCT Photography

With a rigorous learning regiment and tough academic competition, SHS students often feel the need to relax and unwind if even for just a few hours. One method of relaxation that has significantly increased in popularity is yoga.

Sophomore Madison Ringer said, “I really love doing yoga. Especially during stressful times, like exam week or whenever I have a lot of tests, yoga really helps me relax.”

The word ‘yoga’ is the Sanskrit word for ‘union,’ which is quite appropriate, considering the practice of yoga aims to bring the body and mind together into one harmonious experience.

The system of yoga is built upon three main fundamentals: exercise, breathing, and meditation. The exercises put pressure on various systems of the body and increases the body’s overall health and efficiency.

In addition, the aspect of breathing is based on the concept that it is the source of life in the body. Increasing breath control subsequently improves the health and function of both the body and mind.

Senior Astrid Cabello said, “Many people think that yoga is very easy, but it actually requires quite a bit of strength. Some of the more difficult poses like the bakasana need a lot of upper body strength. Not only does yoga help me relax, but it also improves my physical fitness.”

The combination of the two aspects, exercise and breathing, prepare the body and mind for meditation. Through meditation, one will find an easy approach to a quiet mind, which allows silence and healing from stress.

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