Accelerated chemistry classes create works of art


Creating the mole takes every student a different amount of time. The stitching can be tricky so it’s better to plan ahead. It also easier if you choose a thinner fabric. Photo credit Rujula Kapoor

Rujula Kapoor

At the end of the quarter, students try to get  that last coveted point  of the grading period through extra credit. Mrs.  Margaret Stone’s accelerated chemistry classes are earning their extra credit by creating a stuffed mole.

“ I’m going to spend a ton of time on my mole and it is going to be 007 themed,” Aaron Charnay, 10said.

This mole is created by cutting fabric from a template and sewing all of the pieces together to get a shape. The shape is then filled with whatever material the student chooses.

There are also some students who like to create a theme for their moles and have a variety of puns for what they would like to name their moles.

“My mole is going to be blue so it looks like a smurf, ” said Yuto Nakhata, 10 .

Getting extra credit in this way is considered better than having  it based on academic work.  A more crafty assignment that kids are able to be creative with is more desirable than taking a test.

“ I really wish we could make a mole for extra credit instead of doing a math problem,” said Ally Miller, 10 .