Lacrosse gets back to winning


McDaniel's Photography

SAVE. Evan Schuster, 12, is the goalie for the Varsity boys’ Lacrosse team. He has recently committed to Indiana Tech for lacrosse. He is also the second all-time goalie for career saves.

The lacrosse team started the season rough, losing their first five games. After breaking this streak of losses, their record has been 5-3, for an overall record of 5-8.

They still have games to play out and, as of May 3, still have a chance at a winning record for the season. The team’s hard work is paying off.

Many of their games had been moved earlier this season, and their last delayed game so far was played out on Tuesday, resulting in a 12-7 win over the Miamisburg Vikings though they fell to Elder in the second half that was delayed until April 30.

“It stinks that this happens because it ruins the momentum of the game, but I think that delayed games really show the better team,” said Brendan Pelton, 10.

With a game against Lakota West on May 10 and Senior Night against Mason on May 13, their season at home is about to come to a close. The theme for the Mason game will be blackout, and the game will begin at 7:00 p.m.

They have one last game against Mariemont on May 10, and then their postseason run begins.

“I really want to see us do well in the postseason. I don’t expect us to make it more than several rounds, but I think we all would like to end the season with some wins,” said Adam Mather, 10.