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Chloe Kapsal
Hello, I am Chloe Kapsal, a freshman at Sycamore High School. My passion for writing about topics that no one wants to talk about is what ultimately led me to want to be a journalist for our school’s paper even though I did not know much about it. I am great at argumentative writing and doing research. I don’t do well with motivation myself to write about things I am not passionate about, but when there is a topic that I am excited about the piece gets done in a record-breaking time. I do well in school, I have always been an A B student. In my free time I enjoy painting and doing other art, I love hanging out with cats and kittens, and I work a lot. I have a very good sense of time management, I have a lot of time-consuming activities that I have to plan out as well as adding homework and sleep on top I have learned some pretty good time management skills as a result. I have always been the type of person that is very passionate about things; if I am diving into something I am going to go head first and not stop until I reach my goal. I also really enjoy talking about a lot of things that nobody wants to talk about. The majority of people are either creative or analytical, I can say with confidence that I am both and I love that about myself. It causes me to be the very well rounded person I am. 


Chloe Kapsal, Staff Writer

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The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio
Chloe Kapsal