Seriously, why is our school so cold?


Kathryn Tenbarge

Students feel the need to dress in layers even whether the sun shines outside due to cold temperatures inside the school. Things that are easy to take off, like sweatshirts and jackets, are a must. The warm classrooms require a slight change of clothes during the school day.

I know that when most of us walked in the doors this morning, many of us were thinking ‘oh my goodness, why is it so cold in here?’ I know personally I wonder how I walked so quickly from Cincinnati: the Arctic.

I was rather impressed by my abilities, until my friend told me that it was just insanely cold. Which lead me to wonder why it had to be so unbelievably cold.

It seems off to me that in order to survive the day, you have to wear pants and a heavy sweater, but as soon as you leave the building, you’re dying from heat stroke.

While I strongly dislike the fact that the school seems to be subarctic, it could be worse. In this sort of situation, we can deal with the problem rather simply and easily.

It’s easily better to pile on sweaters and sweatshirts than to be so hot that you feel the need to strip down during class. It’s also a lot more socially acceptable to walk around with three sweatshirts on than almost nothing.

This is not to say that there aren’t hot classrooms around the school, because there are definitely a few. But most students who were asked prefer the cold classrooms to the warm ones.

Also, it’s not actually as cold as we think. In reality, it’s typically around a 50-60 degree range in most classrooms around the school.

Lastly, who says having our school so cold is a bad thing? Or even an accident? Maybe the school is kept so cold because it keeps our brains alert. Being in colder temperatures can keep your brain more focused during the day, in the same way that cold water can make a swimmer swim faster.

Waking up as early as we do for school, the coldness could help prevent the sleepiness that overcomes most of us by second bell.

But it can still make you uncomfortable. So try keeping a sweatshirt or two in your locker for those especially cold days. Or start a sharing program in your coldest class, so everyone throughout the day can keep warm.

So while the cold may seem bothersome, it could actually do you some good. And with plenty of ways to combat it, there’s no need to get annoyed. Just embrace your inner penguin and bundle up.