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  • No School - Spring Vacation Day - April 15
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  • End of 3rd Quarter - Mar. 31
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  • No School - Prof. Development Day - April 25
The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

Brooke Landrum

Brooke Landrum , Print Editor-in-Chief

Hello! This is my fourth and sadly final year on staff and I am a Co Editor-in-Chief of The Leaf! I am a senior and hopefully will be starting over again as a lowly freshman at a University next year. Aside from spending all my time in the journalism room I am the President of DECA for SHS and I compete in personal financial analysis and public relations. I’m also a member of the Environmental club. I miss Belize more and more and more every day. If you ever can't find me, contact my co editor Elizabeth Rickert because I’m probably with her doing something. Travel is my passion and I can and will talk about for hours and hours every day.Some of my proudest moments are placing in the GMCs for swimming my sophomore year, my Shakira impersonation and going to Internationals for DECA as a junior (not in that order). Thanks for checking out my page!

All content by Brooke Landrum
Companies such as ‘Bookmooch’ do book exchanges as their primary business. The difference in this situation is that on Bookmooch, you can select the books you would like to receive and give away. The pre- existing sites  are more organized and rely less on social media than the current trend.

Book cycle budding scam?

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief
March 4, 2016
Obama said, I am going to present somebody who indisputably is qualified for the seat and any fair minded person, even somebody who disagreed with my politics would say would serve with honor and integrity on the court.

‘Yes, we can’ get a new justice

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief
February 29, 2016
These new dolls will be released over the next month and will be sold in all major retail locations. The differences are in ethnicity and body type, including height and weight. There is no set prediction for how well the dolls will sell, but the goal is to start a revolution of self confidence in young children.

Barbie breaks body bias

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief
February 24, 2016
A ‘woman crush’ is any female that another female would love to spend the day with. There are many reasons for First Lady Obama to be my woman crush, aside from the fact that she is in fact beautiful. She is a mix of Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Kennedy, exactly what today’s girls need.

Saying thank you

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief
January 21, 2016
A common technique swimmers employ before a race is to roll their shoulders to loosen up their muscles. I am mid roll in this photo and you can see how one shoulder has a large lump protruding from it while the other does not. This lump is my shoulder bone as it hyper-extends due to the act that the muscle was no longer holding it in place.

Moving forward

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief
January 19, 2016
Many refugees face years on displacement before they are given the opportunity to come to America. As bombing in Syria continues, there are steadily becoming few homes to return to if given the opportunity. 36.7% of these displaced individuals are 12 years old or younger.

Refugee rescue

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor- in- Chief
December 17, 2015
The new season started on Dec. 4, starting with a home meet. Weekly meets and tournaments will ensue for this top tier athletes. In order to secure a spot at state the men must do well at the tournament on Dec. 20.

Traub takes on tough competition

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief
December 17, 2015
Costuming and Halloween should be a source of fun for kids. They should not have to worry about being harassed or age inappropriate attire. Part of the problem is that costume stores almost entirely have sexual costumes.

Councious Costuming

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-chief
December 17, 2015
In addition to being a popular brunch location, they have lunch and dinner. On the weekends the Clifton location has live music from 7 pm to 12 am. In addition to sit down locations, they have a stand in Findlay Market.

Tasting differences

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief
November 4, 2015
The goal was to raise one thousand cans for Operation Give Back. Even though the cost was only two cans, many people brought in extras. By the end of the night they had exceeded their goal by almost 300 cans.

Strike up the band for hunger

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief
December 11, 2015
 Safety is a priority when it comes to halloween. Parents worry about children going missing, finding razor blades in candy and most recently drug laced candy. What most parents do not worry about it finding peanuts or nougat in their childrens candy.

Painting pumpkins for good cause

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief
October 14, 2015
Overall Coffee Exchange proved to be more than satisfactory. They feature far more than just coffee, with sandwiches, smoothies and wraps of all kids. The best part may be the unique and vibrant neighborhood it is located in.

Review of Coffee Exchange

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief
November 6, 2015
This quaint shop is reasonably priced, with locations available all around the city. All venues are Wi-Fi enabled, perfect for any student. The menu is very large and organic, with delicious waffles served on the weekends.

Coffee Emporium

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief
October 28, 2015
The staff is almost overly friendly and can often greet customers by name. Even early in the morning the baristas are more than happy to specialize your order or give a recommendation. Any concoction you could think of is within the realm of possibility.

Saxby’s secret success

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief
October 7, 2015
Mandated reading time can be scary for students who do not like to read. Most English teachers swear that this is simply because they have not found the right book yet. Since making this claim these teachers have begun playing matchmaker between books and students.

Good literature proves a hard find

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief
September 16, 2015
A surpising number of American citizens are still convinced that our president is a Muslim and possibly not even a citizen. Efforts by the white house and the president himself to discredit these rumors have been futile. Many late night talk shows have taken the liberty to joke about this percentage, such as the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Religion ridicule reigns supreme

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief
March 23, 2015
Spring track is participating in a practice meet today at the junior high. The students from the junior and senior high will be divided up into junior high students vs freshmen and sophomores vs juniors and seniors. The goal is to get back into the flow of regular season meets and to have fun with the junior high students.

Photo of the Day – March 19, 2015

Brooke Landrum, Spotlight Editor
March 19, 2015
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Brooke Landrum