Close brush with summer


Mark Steedly

“I was the only returning senior this year. This trip absolutely blew Atlanta out of the water. We had students place this year and the destination itself was phenomenal.” said senior Lydia Sloan.

Brooke Landrum

Stepping off the airplane, warm sun kissed their cheeks and humid air forced its way into their lungs. The weather was distracting but there was only one thing on these student’s minds: the international DECA competition.
“This was the most students I have ever taken to ICDC, it was a fantastic group of kids and I couldn’t have asked for more. The majority was juniors and I look forward to having another great turnout next year,” said marketing teacher Mark Steedly.
16 students were fortunate enough to travel to Orlando, Florida for six days in order to compete against students from all around the globe. Every U.S. state was represented at this competition as well as students from seven other nations.
Only two SHS students advanced onto the finals round of competition, juniors Abigail McGowen and William Truncellito. These individuals competed in the team event of Travel and Tourism team decision making event.
“It was an awesome feeling placing in the top 20. We went into the competition knowing that it was unlikely we were going to place so it was really cool to find out we did that well,” said Truncellito.
When not competing, students experienced the local ‘culture’ of Orlando. They received tickets to Universal Studios theme park and took a day trip to Cocoa Beach. If not competing in finals they had the option of visiting Disney World.
“I was disappointed not to make it back to finals but I really wanted to visit Disney world and now I have a new goal for next year’s competition, make it on stage,” said Junior, Olivia Salach.
The final perk of this competition was networking opportunities. Students had many opportunities to make connections with existing CEOs and business professionals as well as make connections with future leaders, their peers.
While no SHS students returned with trophies, 10 members of the group will have the opportunity to return next year when the competition will be held in Nashville Tennessee.