Tips for Ultimate Frisbee


Ashley Vorpe

Ultimate Frisbee is a mix between football, soccer and the type of Frisbee played outside with friends during the summer. There are rules regarding possession, movement of feet and guidelines regarding scoring. The recreational season is three months long but tournaments are held all winter long.

Projectiles being whipped at you at speeds up to 30 miles an hour may not seem like an ideal situation. For Ultimate Frisbee players like Junior, Gabriel Severyn, this is just the type of activity he found himself drawn to.
Severyn has been playing along other SHS students in the Cincinnati Ultimate Players Association league for three years. While the season has just ended, the association holds camps and workshops all year long.
Three things Severyn wishes people knew about Ultimate Frisbee:
1. Girls are welcome
“It’s a co-Ed sport but we don’t have a lot of girls on the team, I’d like to see that change,” said Severyn.
2. Be ready for fun
“It’s a real fun sport and you don’t need any experience to play. Any sport with the word ‘ultimate’ in the name can’t be that bad,” said Severyn.
3. You do not need to know how to catch
“It’s desirable if you already know how to catch when you show up, but if you don’t we can probably teach you,” said Severyn.
For more information about Ultimate Frisbee, contact a rep or explore the resources the USA Ultimate league has to offer. If you do find yourself interested in joining a team with other SHS students, contact Severyn or team captain Caleb Main.