Brothers, Sisters battle it out


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Students compete an ‘Aves Games’ competition where they attempt to get a marshmallow up to their mouths without using their hands. The Aves games will be replaced by Battle of the Sibs this year, taking place on Fri March 6. The games were replaced the year before by the ‘Aves Games’ but will be returning this year with hope of raising hundreds of dollars for charity.

Brooke Landrum

Fighting with siblings at home could have a variety of outcomes: bloody noses, broken furniture or getting grounded. On March 6, SHS offers a humane and humorous way to watch real life siblings battle it out.
“It’s a way for siblings to come together and bond with one another. It’s a lot of games mostly, tons and tons of fun,” said junior Katherine Melling.
Nine pairs of siblings are chosen, spanning all grade levels, to compete with one another in contests like ‘egg roulette’ and an eating contest. The siblings competing this Fri. are:
Johnathan and Adam Lucken
Lydia and Anna Deppert
Andrew and Camila Cardenas
Abigail and Connor McGowen
Meghan and Mackenzie McMullen
Sophia and Olivia Weidmann
Zoe and Orion Schlosser
Drew and Halle Gordon
Matthew and Sarah Schuetz
Megan and Allison Rogge
“I’m really excited to dominate the competition with my sister. It’s going to be great to do this with her. We see each other every day but this is going to be totally new,” said Weidmann.
The money raised from tickets will go towards a charity chosen by each pair of siblings. In the past the money has gone to help students who have disabilities or to facilities that help with tutoring for young students.
“Each pair of siblings gets to chooses a charity to sponsor and whoever wins gets to give all the money raised to that charity. They usually chose a charity that means something to them and their family,” said junior Max Weiss.
Tickets will be for sale at the door and there will not be reserved seating. The cost is $3 at lunch and $5 at the door. The event will begin at 6:30.
“We decided that we should bring back Battle of the Sibs because it’s a more well-known event and we thought that it would draw in a wider audience. We want to make sure we get a lot of money for these charities,” said Melling.