Saying thank you

A letter to my woman-crush Wednesday



A ‘woman crush’ is any female that another female would love to spend the day with. There are many reasons for First Lady Obama to be my woman crush, aside from the fact that she is in fact beautiful. She is a mix of Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Kennedy, exactly what today’s girls need.

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief

As with any State of the Union address, there were many things to be taken away. Points were make about security and discrimination, poverty and foreign affairs.
Of course these points are important and stuck with me, but there were a few other points I noticed throughout the speech.
The way Vice President Joe Biden looks at President Barack Obama during his speeches is the way I one day hope my husband will look at me.
Secondly, Obama could easily go from POTUS to a successful rapper. During his address he was able to throw in a few rhymes “from Boston to Austin”, in that moment I was convinced he was about to drop the hottest bars of 2016.
Most importantly, what I took from this speech was a renewal of my love for First Lady Michelle Obama. I cannot see my own face but I’m sure I look at her the same way Biden looks at Mr. Obama.
The past seven years Michelle Obama has become a role model for me in almost every possible way. She inspires me in feminism, fitness and self confidence.
All three of these things are very important for young girls and I could not be happier that she has been a public figure for most of my young life.
While I was a bit irritated with her when she changed the composition of my cookies at lunch, I soon overcame it.
I realized that technically she was not placed into a position of power, yet she was able to affect the whole nation, down to one little girl in 5th grade far far away from the White House.
Parks and Recreation character Leslie Knope said it best when she turned into a stuttering, babbling, fact throwing mess as she met Michelle Obama.
As the Obama administration comes to an end, Michelle Obama deserves the largest thank you. Thank you for being a modern day Eleanor Roosevelt, for showing me how to believe in myself and for showing me that being a girl is something to celebrate.


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