Freshman explore their history

History project pushes students to learn about their past


Brooke Landrum

The students’ boards were set up on the tables in the commons. Everyone walked around looking at the projects and ate food which students brought. All while the teachers, Mr. Nicholas Hellwig, Mr. Andrew Ovington, and Mrs. Valerie Nimeskern graded the projects.

The 9th grade accelerated history classes presented their family history projects. Students interviewed their family members and learned about countries their family immigrated from. They wrote ten pages of notes, designed a tri-fold board, and may have discovered their family tree.
Freshman Jessica Lu said, “I spent the weekend doing the project, and it did not take that much time since I did not procrastinate.”
The students’ tri-fold boards were set up in the commons, and people milled around the tables. Refreshments and food were brought by the students.
Freshman Christine Zou said, “It was fun to learn about my ancestor because I did not know much about them, they live in China.”
Students also have the option of dressing in accurate period wear for extra credit. Another option was to bring food to the exhibit.
Zou said, “I wore a traditional Chinese dress, normally it is red but I chose to wear a blue one.”
Family History Night was on Dec. 10 from 7 to 8 p.m. in the Commons. Staff, students, and their families are invited to come and see the projects. People from the Board of Education were there as well.
Lu said, “You got to learn about all the different cultures my classmates were from. You got to mingle and eat ethnic food. Overall it was a pretty good experience.”
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