Review of Coffee Exchange


Brooke Landrum

Overall Coffee Exchange proved to be more than satisfactory. They feature far more than just coffee, with sandwiches, smoothies and wraps of all kids. The best part may be the unique and vibrant neighborhood it is located in.

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief

I am not cinnamon fan, I want to make that clear up front. I like cinnamon in baked goods, but that’s about all.

This is why I find it amazing that I was talked into a vanilla and cinnamon flavored coffee when I visited Coffee Exchange in Pleasant Ridge. As soon as I walked through the door I felt a sense of comfort I do not usually experience.

I had total faith in the barista when she told me the “Salem’s latte” was a good choice. This particular drink was a latte with vanilla and cinnamon.
While I did not enjoy my drink, I saw no other unsatisfied customers. Even I was not completely unsatisfied.

In addition to my coffee, I bought a piece of coffee cake. This was by far the best coffee cake I have ever eaten.
At any given moment I might be back getting another piece. I purchased a piece as big as my hand for one dollar.

While I cannot see myself buying another “Salem’s Latte”, I will definitely return to the Coffee Exchange.
The ambiance was incredible and the staff was very friendly. Even the other customers were friendly to me, wishing me luck on the paper I was writing.

Upon a second trip to get more coffee cake, I discovered that the owner’s children will help behind the counter after school gets out.