Traub takes on tough competition


Gary Traub

The new season started on Dec. 4, starting with a home meet. Weekly meets and tournaments will ensue for this top tier athletes. In order to secure a spot at state the men must do well at the tournament on Dec. 20.

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief

Senior Gary Traub finished his previous wrestling season undefeated and in the State tournament finished fourth, placing himself in an elite circle of top tier Ohio wrestlers.
This year he expects to surpass his past accomplishments and place higher up at state. Traub also hopes to place at or win the Ironman tournament in mid-December.
Traub said, “I know I will see two state champions at Ironman, so that will be good for me before Columbus.”
He has a strong belief in his abilities as a wrestler; however, he does acknowledge that there are other strong competitors within Ohio. Ohio has been recognized as a state with one of the most difficult wrestling circuits.
Traub said, “I’ve been thinking about going to wrestle at Notre Dame College in Cleveland. They have a really good program. I’ve also been thinking about going to do both football and wrestling.”
He has received offers to wrestle at the collegiate level as well as play football. He does intend and hope to wrestle in the future, even if he does not attain Division One status.
Regardless of his status as the team leader, he has no worries about the future of the team once he has moved on. He has been working to cultivate leaders who can step up in future years.
Traub said, “Our freshmen this year and of course there are other strong members of the team. I try to be a good example in the weight room and at practice. Just showing them what you should do and should not do.”