Councious Costuming



Costuming and Halloween should be a source of fun for kids. They should not have to worry about being harassed or age inappropriate attire. Part of the problem is that costume stores almost entirely have sexual costumes.

The over- sexualized children’s Halloween costumes available for children today is one of the most confusing and disturbing problems facing modern society.
I am a devout and avid feminist; I fully support women accepting their bodies and exploring their sexuality. However, I think that age 10 is too early for children to be walking around as a ‘sexy nurse’.
At that young of an age these girls don’t have a complete understanding of what happens when they walk around at night wearing minimal clothing.
Older women who dress ‘sexy’ they are more aware of their own sexuality. They also have a more influential way of telling unwelcome individuals to leave them alone. Pedophilia runs rampant around Halloween and sexy costumes could be furthering the problem.
Until an individual can understand the concept of sexuality and what kind of statement they may or may not be making, they should have nonsexual options available to them.
If a child has to be worried whether their mini skirt and crop top costume will make them too cold while trick or treating, they should be able to find a more conservative costume.
It has become increasingly difficult to find costumes that aren’t ‘sexy’ unless you search the maternal or infant section. The unavailability one main part of the problem.
This is not a critique of the girls who prefer sexy costumes or parents who buy these costumes for their daughters. This is a commentary on the industry that finds it necessary to sexualize children who barely know sex exists.