Flashback Friday comes early for seniors


Jordyn Bryant

Bequeathals were one of the most anticipated parts of the senior leaf. Graduating seniors have to opportunity to “leave something behind” for underclassmen. Some are sentimental like Bryant’s (above) while others are more comical such as senior David Muskal leaving ‘my shoulder’ to freshman Nathan Zhang.

Brooke Landrum

The Senior Issue of The Leaf was released during lunches this Wednesday May, 27. Students were able to buy a copy of the Senior Leaf during lunches one week prior.
Journalism students spend two months putting together the all-inclusive issue, encompassing all four years the seniors have spent at SHS.
“I thought it was really funny because in the freshman section there was a picture of me slow dancing with a girl who wasn’t my date for that dance,” said Nicholas Frankowski.
The issue included major events from all four years, a list of where the seniors will be going for the next four years, and the senior superlatives.
“I have never been so happy that Clara Chuey and Dion Johnson made it on the list of ‘couple that should have been’,” senior Kristy Russell said.
Other superlative categories included, best dressed, next Oscar winner, next Grammy winner and best to bring home to meet mom and dad.
Seniors Mark Hancher and Katie Stienburg were the biggest winners, both placing for three separate superlatives.
“I really liked the way it turned out. The bequeathals were by far my favorite part, It was a funny way to break up a sentimental thing,” senior Samuel Wyrick said.
The issue will not be going online, but a few extras were ordered. Stop room 115 or the table in the commons if you would like to purchase or pick up a copy.