Coffee Emporium

Really good coffee


Brooke Landrum

This quaint shop is reasonably priced, with locations available all around the city. All venues are Wi-Fi enabled, perfect for any student. The menu is very large and organic, with delicious waffles served on the weekends.

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief

What are the elements of a good coffee shop? A relaxed atmosphere? Organic coffee? Cute mugs available for purchase? Really good coffee?
Coffee Emporium encapsulates all of these worthwhile ideals and much more. The shop’s slogan is very simply ‘really good coffee.’ I can find no basis for argument with this fact.

This shop has three very distinct locations around the city. Two shops are located downtown, one near and one in the heart of Over-The-Rhine, the other is located in quaint Hyde Park.

In afternoons in the downtown locations, the café is packed with students from SCPA, located two blocks to the south. These locations hold more of a hipster vibe with a yarn encrusted bicycle located directly at the entrance.

Much of this location’s charm comes from the hodgepodge of chairs that populate the café. From couches to high-top tables, the eclectic atmosphere is sure to make anyone feel at home.

The Hyde Park location is a more pristine environment. The shop is made of an old house, with the backyard being the only seating. The arrangement is gorgeous with a deck and a patio covered in greenery.

This crowd is mostly residents of the surrounding neighborhoods as well as students from the area looking for a pleasant place to get ahead on homework. Newspapers are readily available at no charge.

My recommendations:
· Dark chocolate mocha; hot
· Hazelnut latte; cold