‘Yes, we can’ get a new justice



Obama said, “I am going to present somebody who indisputably is qualified for the seat and any fair minded person, even somebody who disagreed with my politics would say would serve with honor and integrity on the court.”

Brooke Landrum, Print Editor-in-Chief

In a given term, the president is in office for four years or 48 months or roughly 1,460 days. During this time the President has many duties to perform and tasks that he is in charge of. In order to be a good President, he or she must take care of these things.
Seems like a no-brainer right?
Upon the death of supreme court Justice Antonin Scalia, the Republican party is adamant that it would not be right for President Barack Obama to appoint his replacement.
They argue that the President was never intended to make such decisions in his last year in office. Meanwhile I can’t help but think that the founding fathers would not have made the Presidency last four years if the President was supposed to be inactive for one of those years.
Obama said,”I am amused when I hear people who claim to be strict interpreters of the Constitution suddenly reading into it a whole series of provisions that are not there.”
It simply doesn’t make sense.
Obama said, “Your job doesn’t stop until you are voted out or until your term expires.”
The GOP led Senate has said that they will not hear an appointment made by Obama at all. Now I am fairly certain that the founding fathers did not intend for THAT to happen in the future. That was why they created a Democratic system of government in the first place.
It seems to me that the Republican party is putting all of their eggs in one basket when making this case. While I am well aware that they have infinitely more candidates running, it comes down to an equal shot.
If a democrat wins, the Republicans will not get their choice into the seat and have tarnished their reputation as mature adults.