Lady Aves are ‘Kickin’ into your heart


Mike Egan

Sophomore Nicole Crone and freshman Zoey Goldenburg as they defend their home turf. Crone is going in for a kick on the ball. Goldenburg is waiting along the sides for a pass from her teammate.

Caroline Bruns

The Girls Junior Varsity Soccer Team has been at it for months. Each game is a new challenge and they practice almost every day. Through all the wins and losses, one thing remains constant: friendship.

Throughout the season, the teammates have bonded due to their hard work and dedication, as well as their love for soccer.  Soccer is a team sport, and in order for a team to be successful, they need to collaborate and get along.

“It’s nice to know you have a whole team constantly supporting you on and off the field,” sophomore Sarita Evans said.

As the season continues, all of the players form tight bonds with one another. The lessons they have learned from each other are taken to heart. Also, many of the skills they learned from practice can be used on and off the field.

Sophomore Nicole Crone said, “I feel like the team has improved a lot and we are able to understand the talents of each player better than at the beginning of the season. This helps us a lot in games.”

Not only does the communication of players affect their stats and scores, it also affects their attitude towards their team.

Sophomore Lauryn Klyop said, “I’m glad I have friends that make soccer fun.”

Cooperation and communication are essential for a successful team, but so is friendship. The friendships made because of shared interests can make everlasting friends even beyond high school.