Freshmen are encouraged to join Art Club


Adhiti Chundur

The jungle mural is in one of the wings of the high school. It was painted by the Art Club. This is located near Mr. Ullands’ math classroom.

Adhiti Chundur

As students walk around the high school to get to class, they are able to enjoy the huge murals on the walls of the high school which were painted by the Art Club.

However, this year the art club is participating in Windows of Hope for the Ronald McDonald house.

“I would definitely recommend art club for incoming freshmen,” senior JoAnn Su said.

Anyone is able to join the Art Club.

“Yeah, I would recommend art club to freshmen,” senior Maria Beaucage said. “But it is different from the junior high. In junior high, we usually could just work on whatever project we wanted to with the school’s materials. But in the high school, it is more like a group project.”

Whether someone is interested in art, photography, design or just wants to come and see what it is about, everyone is welcome to join.

“If I have time, I would definitely go back to Art Club,” said Su.