No pool, no practice, no tournament for water polo


Sarah Horne

A light on the left side of the pool breaks, so there is broken glass in the water. This caused the pool to be drained immediately the next day. Both the boys and girls water polo teams had to change the way practice was run to an hour of dry-land training instead of a regular two and a half hour practice, since there was no pool for practice.

While the water polo team was having practice Wed. the 17,  some students’ feet were cut unexpectedly when they were in the water. They could not explain what cut them or where they were injured in the pool.

After the pool was searched they figured out why the students had not been able to answer their questions about the location where they got cut.

Due to a light breaking underwater there was sharp glass in the pool.  The pool then had to be drained so that they could get the broken glass out of the water.

“I think it is terrible when someone gets hurt when they are playing a sport that they love,” sophomore Laura Setser said.

“When I found out, I got a text from Coach Hellwig and immediately went to his room. I was really upset that the pool had to be drained, because I practically live in it,” senior Jennifer Weber said.

Having the pool drained caused new issues for the Girls Water Polo Team. They had to cancel The Dave McLennan Invitational, which is held as the girls’ home tournament annually, and was expected to bring in teams from many different areas of Ohio.

The coaches looked into hosting the tournament at another school’s pool but none were available. They plan to have the tournament on Sept. 26 and 27.

“The cancelation of the tournament was really upsetting, but I think it gave us a little more time to prepare,” Weber said.

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