Learning French culture, one roll at a time

Ellen Martinson

Bethany Casperz, 12, rolls one of her winning shots. She and fellow senior Elena Duran were the final winners. They received Toblerone bars as a prize. Photo Courtesy of Lesley Chapman.

French Club members immersed themselves into French culture at their last meeting as they played a popular French game, petanque. Following the first picnic meeting, club members met for a second time on Oct. 11 to participate in a tournament.

“I think the emphasis in the club is on culture so petanque was fun because it incorporated a common French activity,” said Megan Schroder, 11.

Petanque is a French game similar to Bocce ball in America. Players attempt to roll balls into the center of a ring while also trying to knock the opposing teams away. You can view a full list of rules and regulations of petanque here.

With their set of bocce balls, French Club marched out to the softball fields where they chose a partner. Mrs. Lesley Chapman created a tournament until a pair of winners was ultimately decided.

French club president Bethany Casperz, 12 and Elena Duran, 12, won the tournament. Juniors Benjamin Proudfoot and Christian Fernandez were the runners-up.

“It took a little bit of time to get the perfect roll down but once I got it, I got it,” said Fernandez.