Water polo game comes to shooting finish


McDaniel's Photography

Schwegmann pushes off of her defender and kicks up high in the water looking to the goal to make the winning shot. This goal immediately ended the game and turned the score from 7 to 8.

Lauren Shassere

Double overtime and sudden death is what it came to Oct. 7 at Milford High School. The Water Polo Varsity Girls fought hard and prevailed with a win of 8 to 7 against a team that has proven time and time again to be a force to be reckoned with.

The sound of the crowd roared as the score bounced back from the favor of one team to the other and then finally in the sudden death (minutes of game play where the first team to score wins) the winning goal was shot by junior player Hannah Schwegmann.

“It was very intense because it was all down to whoever scores next winning the whole game and it all came down to that one shot. And I remember Coach Jessen saying to me right before we started sudden death to ‘bury it’ so that was part of my motivation because we wanted it so bad,” said Schwegmann.

Similarly, earlier this season the group tied in a match against Milford and instead of going into overtime it was settled with a shootout, where five members from each team take one shot each against the opposing goalie from the five meter mark. Losing that shoot out made the motivation to win the sevenths game more intense.

“My fellow teammate Hannah Kast (junior captain) made the perfect set to me in the hole and I spun my defender and buried it into the goal resulting in us winning the game. It was a shocking and exciting experience because I’ve never been into sudden death before and having double overtime before that. I honestly just wanted that game to be over finally . It will be a great memory of mine that I will never forget.” said Schwegmann.

The team then all surrounded Schwegmann in the water and shared in celebrating and hugging each other because the game that had been so drawn out had finally ended. And this time it was in their favor.