French Club prepares for second meeting


Meredith Gottliebson

Anyone interested in the Petanque tournament must sign up outside Madame Chapman’s room. You must sign up in teams of four! Bocce and Petanque balls are needed for the game.

The French club is getting ready for its next meeting, the annual game of Petanque.  Members must sign up in teams of four to compete in the Petanque tournament.  The tournament will be held on Fri, Oct. 17 after school.

“I’m excited because I have the best team,” freshman Emily Reddy said.

Petanque is a form of the traditional French game boules.  The balls used are very similar to the more common bocce balls, as is the game itself.

“I’ve never played petanque before, but I love playing bocce ball,” freshman Allie Fredette said.

The objective of the game is to throw metal balls as close to a wooden ball in the center of a circle as possible.  The thrower must stand inside a starting circle and keep both feet on the ground.

Playing Petanque is a part of French culture the club will be experiencing.  For many that have never participated in a game like this, it is a fun way to learn more about France.

“I’m so excited.  We’re going to terminate,” Fredette said.

To learn more about the rules of Petanque, click here.