Girls water polo scores third in state


Gina Schwegmann

Varsity Water polo girls celebrate their win against Milford and receive the third in state trophy. After a long day and an early loss against Napolean the team’s spirits lift and they rejoice their final victory of the season at Mason High School.

Lauren Shassere

Their season all came down to two games on Oct. 18. However losing the first game against Napoleon and relinquishing the chance of winning state, they stayed motivated to end their season with a win.

“It was a heart breaking loss to watch. The refs definitely lost the game for them with stupid calls and frequent kick outs of the girls players,” said sophomore and fan Stephan Coleman.

The team decided if they couldn’t get first and second in state then winning their last game and placing third was a priority. Once again facing Milford, a relatively even match, it took everything they had to earn a victory in over time.

“It took a lot of mental strength to go from a previous poorly reffed semi-final game to a tough battle for 3rd afterwards, but we used everything we had and wanted to end the season with a win,” said junior and player Hannah Schwegmann.

Winning against Milford redeemed their spirits for the most part ending the season with celebration and an exemplary performance in the game.

“I’m so proud of what we have accomplished this season and I know we can win state in the future. It just seemed like the calls weren’t in our favor this year, I still think this could’ve been our year,” said junior and team captain Hannah Kast.