Pep rally returns spirit to Sycamore


McDaniel's Photography

The Sycamore Drum Line performed during the Pep Rally on Oct. 10th. These were one of many successful attempts to pump up the crowd.

A new school year and principal has brought banned spirit events back to life. And Friday’s pep rally was proof of this change. With grade competition events throughout the week and fun ways to donate money for the school, the old ways are being thrown out and replaced or welcomed back by new ones.

Before Mr. Mader became the principal this year, many events to increase school many other events.

The upperclassmen would often boo, insult, bully, or harass the underclassmen. Sometimes, it even got so bad, students got beaten, or other violent or abusive measures were forced upon them.

But now, our new principal has brought back these traditions, so school spirit can be felt throughout the halls again.

However, it is possible that this could cause a chain reaction that would cause history to be repeated. Hopefully the new policies in place will keep these situations away.

“I really liked the tug of war part in the pep rally,” freshman Hanna Leonard said.

Last Friday’s pep rally was full of spirited events. The Homecoming Court was announced, a sign that said “We Believe” was revealed, and two teachers got to kiss a pig as a reward from a fundraiser. There were also performances from the Flyerettes, a dance group made up of girls, and Sycamore Drum Line. Many events were student favorites.

“I thought the pep rally was really fun. My favorite part was probably when the teacher kissed the pig,” freshman Dylan Massey said.  

However, there was some seriousness too. The people who helped set up the Pep Rally were properly thanked, and an alumni from the class of 1964 spoke.

Also, when the other grades started booing each other, Mr. Mader put an end to the booing immediately.

So overall, the Pep Rally was exciting and festive, but it had some serious moments, too.

“My favorite part was when the seniors won the spirit competition in the end,” senior Brian Jenkins said.

If all goes well at our next pep rally, then we will be able to so more pep rallies in the future, maybe even create new traditions. Until them, we will just have to wait and see what unfolds.