Slam dunk into basketball season


McDaniel's Photography

Sophomores Ayanna Boben and Renee Foster playing on the JV Girls Basketball Team. Last year, there were Freshman, JV and Varsity teams but this year the tides have turned. There are now JV A and JV B teams, along with Varsity.

Basketball players have once again begun to condition and get ready for the season to come.  Many players are getting nervous for tryouts because there is some stiff competition.

“Tryouts are Friday, October 31. I’m a little nervous but mostly excited,” sophomore Abby Hallock said.

The girls have been conditioning many days after school throughout the last month. They do numerous drills to get conditioned over key aspects of basketball. Many of the drills have to do with defense, rebounding, and passing. To find out more about drills used to stay in shape for the winter basketball season, go to Stack.

“I’m really happy conditioning is going to be over soon. I’m ready to start the season,” Hallock said.

Also, many aspects of the school teams have changed. There are now JV A and B teams in addition to Varsity. This will disrupt the old schedule of the practices and games from the previous year.

“The playing time and this year are going to be a lot different than last year. I think that a lot of the players will have more playing time, but I’m not so sure how I feel about the switch,” said Hallock.

Their hard work and dedication will be put to good use as the teams begin to dominate competition on the court.