Cast of ‘The Odyssey’ performs exclusive production for freshman


Dan Ledbetter

Senior Alex Turner commands the ship of sailors. Turner portrays the role of Odysseus, and throughout the show, he is journeying to his homeland, Ithaca. This representational ship exemplifies the style of the entire production.

Freshman students have just finished reading the classic story “The Odyssey.” Since Aves Theater is putting on “The Odyssey” this weekend, The English department has been working closely with director John Whapham, creating a prime example of interdisciplinary learning.

“In all our English classes, we strive to help students reflect on their lives and our world through symbolic stories. Particularly in English 9 and Comparative Literature, we expose students to foundational Greek works ‘The Odyssey’ and ‘Oedipus the King,'” said English department supervisor Mrs. Melissa Wolfe-Izworski.

The cast of “The Odyssey” will therefore perform during 3rd and 4th bell on Wed, Nov. 5, exclusively for the freshman English classes. This will provide the opportunity for the freshman to see a performance of what they just read.

“There is no more powerful way to make a valuable personal connection with the texts and conventions we study than by seeing a live theatrical production,” said Wolfe-Izworski.

This exclusive production will not just benefit the freshman students, though. It gives the cast members an opportunity to perform for the audience and share their piece of art with a group of people before the opening night to the public.

“I think the Wednesday production is an absolutely amazing idea. It’s great to have the freshman here to see a visual of the show and not just read it,” said junior Aliyah Motley.