Snapchat starts showing ads


Snapchat users will see many more ads; they will not only be for movies or videos. Snapchat has started to show ads and will likely continue to show them for an extremely long time.

To many of its users surprise, the 10 million dollar company called Snapchat has started showing ads. The first ad ever was inserted into users “Recent Updates” feeds for this past weekend. The first ad put on users’ feed was for the movie called “Ouija”. The users could choose whether or not to watch the ad and if they chose to view it, a trailer for the movie would have played.


“I’m really a big fan of the fact that you don’t have to view the ad. I know I wouldn’t want to have to see that and waste my time,” freshman Zack Berger said.


The ads will only play if you click on them and they will not be inserted into your personal communications. Snapchat did say that the ads will not be inserted into your personal feed because it would be, “totally rude”. The ads disappear after 24 hours.


“I watched the ad for Ouija. It wasn’t long or annoying to me that it was there. I like the idea because maybe I’ll be interested by an ad and buy a product,” sophomore Jay Fields said.


Snapchat did face the question from many users and critics as to why they would be introducing ads to their service. The company simply replied with, “The answer is probably unsurprising – we need to make money”.


“I guess it makes sense to have to put ads on there. I mean, they do need to make money after all,” sophomore Danielle Lefton said.