Basketball season starts on high post


McDaniel's Photography

Sophomore Allison Flavin about to make a jump shot. The aves this year have a tough season ahead. This year the girls team gained many strong freshman and a new junior who are going to make the team great.

Lady Aves basketball teams have been decided. There are eight girls on JV B, five girls on JV A, and 10 girls on Varsity. This year the change has been made, no more “freshman” teams.

The transition from freshman to JV A and JV B teams has been a hard one to make, but should barely affect the players.

“Having JV A and JV B teams doesn’t really make a difference. Our coach said he would try to keep the JV B as much of a freshman team as possible,” said Sophomore Lena Harper.

During the season, JV A may have to pull up girls from JV B to play with them, considering they have a total of five players and five players are required to play on the court. Lady aves basketball has some strong players, but there are still many disadvantages when we play against opposing teams.

“Everyone on our teams is really short this year. The height difference can be a problem when we’re playing against rival schools, especially if they have multiple tall girls,” said Harper

Overall, the new members to the teams could only help the teams to soar. There are many talented freshmen and all of the teams can learn from each other’s successes and failures. Having a great basketball team can help with the efforts to boost school spirit.

“I think this season is going to be really great. Everyone is more experienced and everyone has improved from the summer league,” said Harper.

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